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With the 3 Extrusion Press lines – 2700 MT & 1620 MT (UBE, Japan) and 1250 MT (indigenous) – all PLC controlled, the Company is able to cater to the requirements ranging from miniature profiles up to large-sized Bars in Soft, Medium and High Strength Alloys. The arrangement for taper heating of billets ensures ‘ near-isothermal ' extrusions for achieving uniform property along the length of the extruded profiles / sections / bars.

Strength requirement of Rods / Bars and sections / profiles in Medium and High Strength Alloys for the engineering industry, auto sector and the Defence Sector, is very stringent and calls for separate solutionizing prior to age-hardening. We have the necessary solutionising furnace with drop quench facility for this purpose.

Detonator Shell Stock, Forging Stock, Rivet Stock and Welding Filler Stock in Medium and High Strength Alloys are to be supplied in annealed condition. We have the necessary furnace for this purpose.

With the facility available for coiling and wire drawing, we are able to supply Armour Rods, Detonator Shell Stock, Rivet stock and Welding Filler Stock in various sizes. 

With the Draw Bench and associated auxiliary equipment available to cold-draw Bars – round, square & hexagonal, we are able to cater to the exacting requirements of the automats which is the need of the hour to enhance plant productivity, a ‘ must ' in this era of globalization

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