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The Dies required to extrude profiles from the simplest to the most intricate in Soft, Medium and High Strength Alloys are designed ‘in-house' using 'mastercam'. Use of ‘mastercam' also assists in assessing the type of fit and the clearances required for the assembly of complementary profiles. The dies are machined on CNC Vertical Machining Centres.

The ‘in-house' heat treatment facility ensures good resilience in the Dies (manufactured out of one of the best available Hot Die Steels in the world) during ‘real-time' extrusion thus ensuring consistency in shape and size of the profiles.

The orifice corresponding to the profile shape is precisely cut on the wire cutting machine. The facility for nitriding ensures bright surface of the profiles, a ‘must' for subsequent finishing operations.

With the total infrastructure available in-house, we are able to manufacture the Dies for new profiles within 3 to 6 weeks from the date the profile dimensions and other requisite details are frozen.

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