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All heats are checked for chemical composition using Direct Reading Vacuum Emission Spectrometer before casting the billets. The Billets in Medium and High Strength Alloys required to be extruded for Engineering, Auto Sector, Defence and for other stringent applications are checked with Ultrasonic Flaw Detector to ensure that there are no internal flaws.

Our testing facility is equipped with conductivity measuring equipment to determine the electrical conductivity of Bus Bars – both flat & tubular.

The leakage and pressure testing facility for Irrigation Tubes enables us to supply these tubes as per BIS:7092 Part-II.

We also have the facility to carry out product-specific tests' such as flattening tests for the ferrule sections, dumbell test for the Detonator Shell stock, forging stock, machinability tests for supplies to the engineering industry, examination of macro-structure in case of supplies to Defence, detection of internal flaws in case of profiles subjected to high pressure applications (e.g. Hydraulic Gear Pump Casings) etc. besides the conventional tests like determining the U.T.S., Yield Strength, percentage Elongation and Hardness.

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