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Testing Facilities Available

A.  Chemical and Metallurgical Tests
(a) Chemical Composition

Determined on a direct Reading Vacuum Emission for (Spectrometer Swiss-ARL Make) Aluminium & Aluminium Alloy Compositions.

(b) Non-Destructive Tests

  1. Ultrasonic Test.
  2. Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  3. Dye Penetrant Test (DPT)
B.  Mechanical Tests
  1. Breaking Load/UTS Test.
  2. Elongation (%) Test.
  3. Torque Test.
  4. Slip Strength Test.
  5. Proof Load Test.
  6. Hardness Tests
    1. Brinell Hardness.
    2. Rockwell Hardness.
    3. Shore Hardness (for Elastomers)
C.  Electrical Tests
  1. Electrical Resistance Test
  2. Electrical Conductivity Test
  3. Temperature Rise Test
  4. Heating Cycle Test
  5. Magnetic Power loss Test
D.  Galvanising Tests
  1. Uniformity of Zinc coating Test
  2. Adhesion (Peel-off) Test
  3. Measurement of Zinc coating thickness
  4. Weight of Zinc coating Tests
E.  Special Tests
  1. Fatigue Tests.
  2. Measurement of Resonance of Frequency.
  3. Mass Pull-off Test.
  4. Compression & Tensile load Test for Spacers.
  5. Resilience Test (for Helical products)
  6. Clamp Bolt Torque Test
  7. Unbalanced Load Test

Tests to be out-sourced-carried out at internationally
   Reputed labs / Govt. Test labs / NABL accredited labs

A.  Chemical and Metallurgical Tests
(a) Chemical Composition

Determined on a Spectrometer or by wet analyses method

(b) Micro Analysis

  1. Measurement of Grain size
  2. Inclusion Ratings
  3. Forging Overlaps
  4. Grain Flow
B.  Mechanical Tests
  1. Damper Efficiency Test
  2. Dynamic characteristic Test for Vibration Dampers
C.  Electrical Tests
  1. Corona & RIV Test
  2. Voltage Distribution Test
  3. Impulse withstanding voltage Test
  4. Flash Over Test
  5. Switching surge Test
  6. Short-Circuit Current Test
  7. Short-time Current Rating Test

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