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his ambitions " – Marcus Aurelius Antonius

  YEAR PATTERNS (Click the links below to view the respective patterns ) (PDF files)
2019   Shareholding pattern-30.09.2019 Shareholding pattern-30.06.2019  
2018 Shareholding pattern-31.12.2018 Shareholding pattern-30.09.2018 Shareholding pattern-30.06.2018 Shareholding pattern-31.03.2019
2017 Shareholding pattern-31.12.2017 Shareholding pattern-30.09.2017 Shareholding pattern-30.06.2017 Shareholding pattern-31.03.2018
2015 Shareholding pattern-31.12.2015 Shareholding pattern-30.09.2015 Shareholding pattern-30.06.2015 Shareholding pattern-31.03.2015
2014 Shareholding pattern-31.12.2014 Shareholding pattern-30.09.2014 Shareholding pattern-30.06.2014 Shareholding pattern-31.03.2014
2013 Shareholding pattern-31.12.2013 Shareholding pattern-30.09.2013    
2012 Shareholding pattern-31.12.2012      
2009 Shareholding pattern-31.12.2009 Shareholding pattern-30.09.2009 Shareholding pattern-30.06.2009 Shareholding pattern-31.03.2009
2008 Shareholding pattern-31.12.2008 Shareholding pattern-30.09.2008 Shareholding pattern-30.06.2008 Shareholding pattern-31.03.2008
2007 Shareholding pattern-31.12.2007 Shareholding pattern-30.09.2007 Shareholding pattern-30.06.2007 Shareholding pattern-31.03.2007
2006 Shareholding pattern-31.12.2006 Shareholding pattern-30.09.2006 Shareholding pattern-30.06.2006 Shareholding pattern-31.03.2006
2005 Shareholding pattern-31.12.2005 Shareholding pattern-30.09.2005 Shareholding pattern-30.06.2005  

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